Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am so sorry to disappoint you tonight....
We have decorated so many houses, worked what has seemed like more hours than are in a day and decorated SO many trees in the last few days that I am way behind on getting my pictures organized.....There are several houses that I want to do individual posts on. This was what I was afraid was going to happen, but I am not going to let you down....well just tonight..I see a block of a couple of hours tomorrow to work on the pictures. (I hope)!!!!
Today our local Shreveport magazine hit the stands with an article on my business. I was very honored that they gave us a two page spread, but it has caused my phone to ring a few times today and there are just not any decorating dates left. We may can squeeze a few people in, but I am not good at saying NO, so that's where my extra time has gone today...trying to add days to the calendar that don't exist.
I cannot resist posting this picture tonight, as this is one of my houses that was featured in the article (which I had no say in) but we just happened to be doing that house today. And this is the reason this house was featured...this is only a joke, but this was how she served me lunch today.
So after a very long but fun day with one of our favorite ladies!
Lynna we love you!..I am a going to show you just a few little Christmas spots in my house. I don't even have a picture of the Disney tree yet or my main tree. I am absolutely too tired to get off the couch and look for my camera. These pictures are not even very good, but at least you can see my house is a little Christmas village!

I need to add MEGA live garland to this...maybe is on my front porch, again to tired to put it up tonight....

Anyone that knows me, knows my PASSION is being Grammy. The Magic in Jack's eyes, as he talks to his good friend Mickey ...our front yard aglow with lots of white lights and some of our favorite Disney characters! That is Christmas to me.
Checking out a package at the front door! Look at those

Ok...I feel are a few random pictures from the past few may see them again in an individual post.

I will be back soon with some home tours, more trees and some wreaths.


The Real Me! said...

Good golly! You HAVE been busy. Everything looks simply beautiful!
Can't wait to see more.

Cara said...

Ohhh! Everything is GORGEOUS!!!! Great job!


Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Country Dreaming said...

Oh Goodness no wonder you are tired! Everything is beautiful though.
Thanks for stopping by Dreaming-
hope to see you soon.


Grandma Cyndi said...

You are amazing, don't know how you do it day after day, WOW. Good luck.

Morgan said...

You are a very busy lady! I ♥ your work! Can't wait for more pictures!

Gram said...

I can't even imagine how tired you must be, I am exhausted after doing my house. Love your snowmen.

Jackie said...

One word.....FABULOUSSSSSS!!!!

Oh and I love the antler chandelier!!!

I'll be back to see more of your beautiful designs!!

Merry Christmas and Sweet Blessings!

PEA said...

I'm in absolute awe! I so love the way you decorate, dear Theresa, but it's no wonder you're so exhausted at the end of each day!! You truly are my kind of gal, loving Christmas as much as I do:-) Those pictures of your grandson are so adorable and yes, seeing the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes is aswesome!! xoxo

Rhonda said...


I am so excited to finally after 3 years of wanting to get my Jesus tree started. I'm asking my blogging friends for help. I mentioned your great blog and the link for ideas over here! It will post tomorrow! Thanks for inspiring me to get it done this year! I can't wait!

Jensmere said...

These trees just take my breath away!!!!!

Why oh why can you not live next door to me so that we can play 'trees' together!!!!

I had a celebration this morning...I put my special Teresa-GrammyGirlfriend ornament on my tree!!! It looks so beautiful...

Hope to have time to post more about my tree... will let you know when I get the pics up!

Bless you...take a break...put your feet up and enjoy a moment of remembering why we do all this decorating! To let HIM know how much we love and honor HIM!!!

Love you, Teresa...

Leslee said...

You are just A.mazing!!

What a beautiful talent you have been blessed with. I so enjoy looking at all of your pictures and will await the individual posts too!

Coleene VanTilburg said...

Wow, simply stunning! I especially loved the snowman collection on top of the armoir! Hey, How did you like the Texas- Nebraska game? I hope to see you visiting me soon. I am trying to decorate now...will finish tomorrow after church then start the baking. Take Care friend. CV

blushing rose said...

You have done an exquisite job of creating magic in these trees & decor. TY for sharing.

TTFN ~Marydon
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Love Being a Nonny said...

Thought about you last night when I decorated my tree. You would be disappointed...oh well, next year!!:)

Kelli said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love your decorating're a PRO!

Linda said...

After seeing your trees I feel like I need to add something more to really give it some pizazz!

I think I will be looking for stuff at Hobby Lobby or somewhere that sells picks or nature stuff, to just stick in-between all of my other decorations to bump it up a notch or two! Thanks for the inspiration!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Linda said...

After seeing your trees I feel like I need to add something more to really give it some pizazz!

I think I will be looking for stuff at Hobby Lobby or somewhere that sells picks or nature stuff, to just stick in-between all of my other decorations to bump it up a notch or two! Thanks for the inspiration!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Shinny Upatree said...

Hey everyone, it's Shinny Upatree, Teresa's elf sidekick. This past week was jam packed with lots of work but our last house yesterday was WOW!

Teresa went out to the house first to see if I needed to buy any supplies to bring with me. She asked me to go to Red Door Interiors to get the much loved gauzy ribbon for the tree. I have been avoiding this place because it's everything Christmas I love and I can't have it. So when I went into the store I put my blinders on and went straight to the gauzy ribbon. I started pulling the rolls one by one and stacking them high, all the while a very distinguished looking woman was trying to figure out why I needed so much of this stuff. She finally said to me, "You look like you know what to do with this ribbon, so tell me what you use it for." I explained I was a tree decorator headed to a job and gave her a few hints about the gauzy ribbon. I also told her to read about Teresa in our SB Magazine who did a great article last week with photos of some fabulous trees.

I was glad to get out of the store without buying anything for me, but know a trip to the Red Door is definitely in my future. Teresa, don't send me in there ever again. I may not come out!