Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays to all of you who follow Teresa’s Christmas blog. She wanted me to “guest blog” and let you know a little bit about one of her elves. I have self-appointed myself as the “HEWIC” or the head elf that’s in charge. But after I did a little research on elves, I found a new elf name for myself: “Shinny Upatree”, (the oldest friend of Santa) because that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately.
I’ve helped Teresa for many years with her customer database and marketing for her basket business. But it wasn’t until I stopped working full-time that I was able to help her with her tree decorating.
It’s a perfect fit for me. I love, love, love Christmas. Always have and always will. My dad reminded me of the old video he has of me placing one icicle at a time on our tree when I was growing up. So now I realize my OCD was giving me fits then. That’s my only problem trying to decorate. I get into a zone and sometimes take way too long to make something look just right. Okay, so I’m a perfectionist too. Probably many other things if I went into therapy. I think I’m doing a little better with it this year, but Teresa knows she has permission to just shout “OCD” and I know to quickly move on to the next thing. And then I watch Teresa tie bows with her eyes closed and make anything look spectacular in half the time it takes me. But I’m still learning every day.
We have made some great memories for this tree season and who knows what’s to come. Sometimes I can’t believe the things that happen to us. Fully decorated tree falling, check. Haunted house, check. Overflowing toilet, check. Lots of dogs and cats, check. Glitter, glitter and more glitter, check. Plenty of happy and joyful people after we decorate their homes, check, check, check.
Last year I bought a new tree after Christmas and it was so big for my room all the furniture had to be rearranged this year. Even the piano had to be moved which didn’t make my husband very happy. This is the first time I can remember the tree was up before Thanksgiving. So now I have done another tree on my back porch. I’ll have to take a picture and post later. And yes, there is a tree behind me in my office that I started to decorate this afternoon. Enough!!!!
On a personal note, I have been married to my sweetie for 36 years. Our anniversary is next week on Dec. 1st. We have three married sons and five grandchildren with another one due in May. And yes, they all have spectacular trees! Even the little ones.
So thanks to all of you who take time to keep up with what we’re doing. Definitely check back because I’m sure there will be many more adventures ahead. Maybe I need to get more life insurance, hmmmm.

Below are some of Terri's creations.....A Lady Bug tree! She handpainted some of the ornaments.
NOW FOR THE WINNERS OF THE GIVEAWAYS!!! I finally got a cute little man to come by and draw for me .....none other than Mr. Jack....Mickey really wants to hold his hand....notice his mini recliner like Pop's..Surely Mickey can see that Wow Wow Wubsie is on.

The Holiday CD goes to Jeanne at Jeannie's Happy World !
The Holiday Surprise Package goes to Judy at Just a Little Something For You
Please send me your name and address and those packages will be on the way. If you missed the last post, it tells the stories of some special families. Tomorrow we start the last few weeks of the decorating season. Most of the families this week have had the same day for years.
I will post some fabulous homes and trees this next week...and actually a LIVE tree! I just finished a new MICKEY MOUSE tree at my house that is almost ready to show, plus I got motivated late last night and did another fun tree in my family room...Stay tuned for another giveaway next week.....
This is the SEASON of GIVING and there is nothing I love more.


ethelmaepotter! said...

I can't get over the ladybug tree - I absolutely adore it!
Nice to meet you, Shinny Upatree. You and your husband make a handsome couple. Please visit again.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Great post Shimmy!!! You have my dream job, LOL!!!!!

Congrats to the winners

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh yay! I WON!!!

Thank you so much!

Linda said...

It is great to have such a good friendship,...and to have such a fun and creative job to do together. I loved the pictures of the trees. Thanks for being a guest host today. I liked the picture of you and your hubby...you make a lovely couple.

I think Teresa is a hoot. She makes me smile when I read her posts!

Christmas Blessings!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

The Smith's said...

i love those christmas trees!!!!

PEA said...

Well, Shinny Upatree, it's so lovely to meet you, I never thought I'd ever meet the oldest friend of Santa! hehe You and Theresa do such beautiful work decorating trees and I can well imagine how heartwarming and adventurous the job can be:-)

Omigosh, that lady bug tree is so delightful!!

Congratulations to the two winners of your giveaways:-) xoxo

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Spectacular trees! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your winners! Have a lovely weekend.


Terra said...

It was nice to hear from your Chief Elf, with some of her tales, and her trees are gorgeous too, especially the ladybug tree.
Well, she has been studying under the fabulous Tree Trimming Lady and learning a lot.
Good to meet you, Helper Elf.

Mammy said...


I loved seeing your tree and hearing your story. I cannot in my wildest imagine working with Teresa. It would really be a hoot, I'm sure. Isn't it great to do something fun and call it work? More, more!!

Kristens Creations said...

Wow!! These trees are just beautiful! I'm lovin that ladybug tree! You guys are amazing!! Now I'm wondering how you make a bow Theresa...hmmm. I'm glad you liked your frame! Have a great week!! Kristen

The Garden of Egan said...

Great guest post! I enjoyed reading it.
Beautiful trees!