Monday, May 10, 2010

For weeks I have been going to join in on this fun post at 10 on the 10th at
I want to post on this blog occasionally so it will STAY ALIVE, so this seems like a FUN POST for the week. In case you missed this post and this post, they were some of my most read posts on my main blog.
1. Take a vacation with all my kids and grandkids even if its a short one. I know we vacation too much, but we make SUCH GREAT memories. (we have several fun trips planned, but none of them will be all of us together)
2. Stay on my walking program and hope by the end of the summer to see some RESULTS!
3. READ about 10 books that I HAVE STARTED and not finished...not because I did not love them, but because I bought more books and that's a PROBLEM I have.
4. GET ALL my PICTURES ORGANIZED on my LAPTOPS and learn some new tricks with a new camera I have! (but have been too lazy to read the book)
5. Have my CHRISTMAS tree schedule all set by the end of AUGUST and all my supplies organized. That will be a first, but clients are already calling for their date. IT IS MAY!
6. Stay tan (mystic tan) all summer just because I like that look so much better than white, not to mention it takes off 10 pounds.
7. Spend some time ROCKING two of my good friends new granddaughters, due this week. Also see a new baby in our family that I am aching to get my hands on. He is ADORABLE. YOU may sense a tad bit of ENVY! HOW I LOVE a BABY!
8. REDO my KITCHEN CABINETS! Just something that needs to be done!
9. PLANT BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. I hate yard work, but I love beautiful yards. MINE IS NOT.
10. THIS is something I have no control over, BUT I WOULD LOVE to KNOW in the early summer that #4 is returning for one more year with the VIKINGS. That would really make this BLOGGER HAPPY. For those of you that don't love football, this means nothing!
In case I have not mentioned it recently, DO NOT MISS reading THIS BLOG. IT has BECOME one of my very FAVORITES. I am warning you that you will quickly become addicted.
I think for the summer I would love to interview some fun bloggers on this blog...a good way to showcase your blog, a cause, or just introduce yourself to the blog world. If you would be interested, leave it in the comments or email me at annah99@aol.com. There are so many of you I would love to get to know better.


creative gal said...

I'd love to be interviewed! :)

Love Being a Nonny said...

I should do a ten things post! When I do those posts, it encourages me to get moving on things that are long overdue!

whimzie said...

I started volunteering in the church nursery so I could my baby rocking fix.

I wish Mystic Tan worked for me. I tried it once and I looked like a rusty Oompa Loompa. I have friends who use it regularly and look like they live at the beach. Just doesn't do the same for me.

O Mom said...

Good summer list. I agree with most of them too.
Love the Days until Christmas countdown on your side!!! :)

Melissa said...

Boy it sounds like you'll be busy this summer!

I can't stand yard work, but we bought a house in the fall that has hundreds of plants and a ginormous garden, so we're giving it a shot!

gayle said...

I love your list!! I made a fun summer list...now I need to make a work summer list and find a way to combind the two!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Ah, I have decided this will be the sunless summer...so I must look into mystic tan.

GREAT list. I want to do a lot of those things as well. And I am NOT a yard person. I love mine to look good but I admit that I rely on others to help me keep it up!

So glad you joined in this month!

Bacardi Mama said...

I'd love to do an interview.

Tanya said...

Put me in the drawing for an interview...I'd like to slip a few questions in for you! :0)