Monday, May 3, 2010

I had to wait until my main man PARKER was here to draw the winners. He takes his job SERIOUS....I had planned to write a post tonight but it would be SO RANDOM that you would probably never read my blog again...

My head is full of RANDOM...Also feel like I am getting a cold, which almost NEVER happens. I have Mother's Day baskets and wreaths to get ready and SOMEHOW a stack of paperwork has grown to a HUGE STACK. Have I ever told you I HATE PAPER WORK? IT is the one part of my job and business that I totally HATE. I wish I could just give my services away and never bill anyone. I love MOTHER'S DAY.... I love being a MOM and love EVEN MORE being GRAMMY.
I LOVE WATCHING AMANDA and DANA mother my little ones. THEY are two of the BEST! What great gifts they gave me in my four little men. I am writing a MOTHER'S DAY post for my other blog, but cannot seem to get it written as I cannot not see through the TEARS.

ENOUGH random...see what I mean...My mind is moving faster than I can type. So let's get to the WINNERS!

Winner of the Mayo Clinic book is Jenny Kate at Jenny Kate's Spot
Winner of Lisa Oz's book is Tanya at
The Sweet Seasons

I have some more books to give away next week.....so stay tuned. And if any of you veteran bloggers could tell me how you keep up reading blogs, I would love to hear your strategy.


Tanya said...

I'm so excited!!! You just made my night....and my tomorrow and my week!!!! Thank you, Thank you, thank you...AND a big thank you to Parker for drawing my name!! I shot you an email....Can't wait for school to get out to do some fun reading! You are a sweetie!
P.S.....I love RANDOM...so "Go For It" anytime you need to!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Congrats to the winners!

And Happy Early Mother's Day to YOU!

Tanya said...

I apologize...I emailed you but it was sent back...not sure what went wrong...My email is maddent@usd367.org

Tanya Madden
1915 Parker Ave.
Osawatomie, KS 66064

I guess your little Parker picked my street, huh????????? :0)

Kat said...

I hope your cold is over quickly. Get some rest.


Trennia said...

I just adore all those Christmas decorations, and those trees you decorate are breath taking!Hope you feel better soon!

jennykate77 said...

I won! YAY!!! Thanks so much!! I'll email you my address.

DeeDee1Whoa said...

Whoever wants to affiliate with my blog or for us to follow each other's blogs on Blogger, let me know! I'm willing to return the favor, I mean we could all use some more traffic & readers on our blogs.