Monday, July 11, 2011

Rarely do I post the same thing on both blogs but this post merits it.
You will not waste a prayer on our family this week.  Austin, (Dana and Greg’s oldest little) is having heart surgery in Little Rock on Thursday morning. 
It’s a surgery that they have known was in their future since Austin was small, but they had hoped it was still a a few years off.

Because of some blood pressure problems this last year and some other blood work numbers, the pediatric cardiologist decided the time is now. The doctors at Children's Hospital in Little Rock agreed.

I am sure it is a routine surgery that they do everyday in this hospital (they do not even do it here) but when it’s your boy having it, it becomes anything but routine.  It becomes anxiety and sleepless nights.
First thing this morning I saw Greg’s middle of the night FB post and knew he was worried and sleep was not happening.  He and Dana along with Austin, Gray and Parker left today.  Parker was in tow to keep Austin preoccupied and they are all spending a couple of days in Hot Springs at an amusement/water park.  Jack, Jack aka Woody, Amanda and I will meet up with them in Little Rock on Wednesday and spend the rest of the week.  The surgery is Thursday morning.
It’s a scary thing to hand your child off to a doctor that you have never even met ( all the consulting is between his doctors here and the ones there).

Austin 2

Austin and his new dog MAX

austin and max

My beautiful daughter-in-love Dana….I am a fan of two pair of glasses….for me it is reading and sunglasses. Dana just does not have her contacts in.

Gorgeous Dana

My Boy that loves his family with a love that is rare.  He speaks it daily.  He lives it daily.


Austin, very intent at Chucky Cheese!


AUSTIN and his BEST BUDDY, PARKER! We are counting on Parker to keep Austin's mind off the surgery the next few days.

austin and his bud 
            THE FAMILY

austin and fa
Thanks in advance for your prayers. After Jacks stroke last October, the blog community blew me away.  
I went back and read all those comments and emails today.
Bloggers by the 100’s that checked in everyday..and I have only blogged for a two and half years.  I know people prayed.
At that time I had no idea that the stat counter existed but now that I can go back and read it, many of those first 7 or 8 days, I had over 500 hits each day.  And they could not have been because they were reading a fun
Disney post.  Forever I will be grateful to you.

Now I am asking you to pray for
My Boys’ Boy.

Please pray that the surgery has no complications, fixes the problem, that Austin does not experience any fear this week and that Dana and Greg have a peacethat same peace we experienced that hard week in October.
Holiday posts coming a guest poster...


Alleluiabelle said...

Sweet Teresa,

I am praying for dear Austin and I will continue to pray for him in the days to come as well as all of you.

Love you my friend,

Lynn said...

I'll be praying for your precious Austin now and in the days to come.

Melissa said...

Praying! The Doctor's that work these miracles have God guiding their hands daily. My son has had two open heart surgeries and it is very difficult to hand over our children and wait in the waiting room. Stay strong!

Alex and Jill said...

Praying for your grandson right now. If there's anything I can do for your family - please let me know. I live in LR.


GrammyMouseTails said...

Sending up prayers & offering fast healing hugs for Austin.
Take care of your self too, sweetie.

TheBlogWriter8 said...


I'm sending warmth, love, peace, care, giggles, smiles and happiness to this little boy here. May this be painless, easy and quick for everyone!


Theresa said...

I am praying for your precious Grandson!

God please watch over this young fella and heal him completely, AMEN!

Love you and big hugs! Theresa

Debby said...

I have been praying for your sweet boy. Good luck.

Allie and Pattie said...

Having just had 2 heart surgeries and facing more, I'm sending all my love, gentle hugs, and prayers for healing and that your sweet boy feels all this love that surrounds him