Monday, July 5, 2010

1) The winner of the CARD BOX is Monica at BLESSED MAMA....heck its a holiday weekend...I think I will give 2!!!!!
The second one goes to YVONNE at STONE GABLE! Email me your addresses and the cards will be on their way.

2) I am posting tonight on GRAMMY GIRLFRIEND with some really cute pictures of the littles!

3) PARKER gets his BRACES this week.

4) Bella, our one year old cocker spaniel, has an ear infection. My husband is on a trip so that means I am putting 10 drops of medicine in each ear, EVERYDAY, in a SUPER HYPER dog. Enough said. Not even FUNNY!

5) I BOUGHT a LABEL MAKER today and plan to label everything in the house in OCD!

6) I bought 10 NEW PAIRS of reading glasses today, to go with the 30 PAIR I already have, that I can never find. Few things put me in a panic like not being able to find a pair. If my kids read this they are laughing, as they see glasses EVERYWHERE at my house.

7) I bought a new PAIR of SHAPE UP SKECHERS as in WALKING SHOES, but am concerned I cannot walk in them. If you happen to have a pair, would you please email me and tell me if they felt REALLY funny the first few times you wore them.

8) I am REALLY CONSIDERING a little BOTOX. Any thoughts if you have had that or something similar?

9) CHRISTMAS TREES are on my MIND and that is SICK in early JULY.

10) I am reading 5 books at the same time and I

Now head over to my other blog...and see what makes me REALLY HAPPY! Plus you will even get a shot at my son-in-laws LEGS well really LEG!


Ken said...

Funny ....
I happy your blog

thanks :)

Alicia said...

Wow!! Talk about stimulating your mind! I can barely read one book without interruptions!!

Ria Thurston said...

Thanks for the follow on my Life as a Wife blog! :) You are so sweet! Enjoy your week!

Lynn said...

I'm laughing about the glasses because that was me! I finally got progressive lenses that I wear all the time. I was inspired to do this when I went to purchase a sweater that I thot cost $35 (no glasses!!) only to find out it was actually $85!! Slight difference! I have been wondering about those shape up shoes as well. I don't have them but have thot about getting them so I'll be interested to hear what others say about them.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I use to buy reading glasses by the dozens! Then I got contacts and they changed my life! Truly! My left eye is for up close vision and my right eye is for far away vision and somehow it works!

Kat said...

I've usually got at least three books going at one time (one paperback for the pool and beach, one hardback for home and one audio for the car), but I've never tried five. Wow. You go girl!


Inspired2cook said...

#9 It's never too early to start thinking of Christmas trees! ;)

Courtney said...

I am the same way with sunglasses. I have shoes like the shape ups and they take a while to get used to. The store that fitted mine said you walk heel to toe in a rocking motion. Also the sugessted building up the time you wear them.

Just Breathe said...

Hey, today is ornament premiere at Hallmark, it's never too early.

ethelmaepotter! said...

chrostmas is on my mind, too. Like Just Breathe said, it's Hallmark Ornament Premier day, and I have a bag with mine waiting for me at the store.

The Shape-ups seem to get mixed reviews. I have one frend who loves them and another who got blisters the first day and hasn't worn them since. She said the made her back hurt, too.