17 on the 17th...OOPS, IT MAY BE THE 18th WHEN I POST

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I saw this on LOVE BEING A NONNY, one of my favorite bloggers....maybe because we both LOVE being Grandmothers....as in really LOVE IT! The reason this is really funny to me is that until 3:00 today, I thought it was SUNDAY...I have been really down in my back and had slept for 12 hours (with the help of some meds) and for some reason when I got up I thought it was Sunday...Even ask my husband where all the inserts were to the Sunday paper..so if none of this post makes any sense you will know it is the results of too many drugs.
Stay with me....as there will be SOME great giveaways at the end of the post...just like I promised
3) SUMMER (as in I hate hot weather)
4) FAMILY MISUNDERSTANDINGS (we have a few, not often, but a few)
7) EXERCISING (I wish this was not true)
11) A DIRTY CAR (my kids think this is OCD)
12) KETCHUP in any form
14) PEOPLE that only APPEAR to be FRIENDS
15) FAMILY MEMBERS that are NOT HAPPY unless there is DRAMA
Now if that was not inspiring...I will do better next time. PROMISE
Until we began talking about Christmas trees, this blog is going to be my GIVEAWAY place....you know I love GIVEAWAYS...THIS WIll BE A SHORT ONE....as in PARKER will draw TUESDAY MORNING...so you will have a good chance to win.I loved IN A HEARTBEAT so much!!!! SO much that I bought 2 MORE COPIES and am giving them away...! As uninspiring as those 17 things were, this book is SO INSPIRING. I wish I could buy a book for every blogger. Also I will give away a SURPRISE BOOK on TUES morning also....so you have 3 CHANCES to WIN, plus if you hop over to my main blog you have a chance to win a copy tomorrow night.
Here is all you have to do on this post to be eligible...and remember I rarely ask you to do anything...Tell me ONE random act of kindness you have done in the last week and if you have not done one DO IT TODAY! You do not need to use any names...just inspire someone else to do something little. My goal this week is to do at least one EVERYDAY.
When you lay your head down tonight or tomorrow night if I am posting too late,PLEASE say a prayer for ASHLEY ADAMS and her family.


Bacardi Mama said...

I sent a card to a friend who did something amazing this week and I made muffins for a friend who is going through chemo. I have had my eye on this book lately. The Touhy's are an amzing family. I loved the movie "The Blind Side".

Love Being a Nonny said...

I took watermelon to the guys at work. I use to take dessert but I am trying to help them have healthy eating habits! thank you for linking me!!! We Grandmas have to stick together!

Kay DeWitt said...

Not sure whether to post here or on the other blog. This week a friend was having computer problems. I researched online and found some possible solutions, went to her house to try them out. Didn't totally solve her problem but narrowed it down and pointed her in the right direction for answers.

Gretta said...

I made a homecooked meal for a couple that I knew had not had a homecooked meal in months due to their health issues. They loved it and I loved cooking for them.

bamagv at aol dot com

SusanD said...

We replaced our washer and dryer. We're giving the older ones to a young couple who lives next door to us. Blessings, SusanD

Kim Reese said...

Well, I definately do this to win a prize, but yeasterday I showed up at my neighbor's house with a tomato pie, just to see them smile! So glad you found me, so that I can be inspired by you.

Terra said...

A blogger wrote about some difficult things she is facing so last week I told her if she gave me her address I would send her a upbeat card. I bought a cute card, put some Minnie Mouse stickers in it and sent it to her a few days ago.
I think it will boost her spirits.
I know you love sending real cards too.
Please enter me, I had not heard of this book until now, and the movie is super inspiring.

Grandma Cyndi said...

One random act I do almost everytime I am in line to pay for Drug store or grocery items is if the person behind me has only a few things, I always let them go ahead of me. It is such a suprise to them, they always seem so pleased.

Amber said...

I held the door in the pouring rain for an elderly couple that were trying to enter the building. The gentleman was so sweet and patient waiting on his wife to get up the curb - I just couldn't help but hold the door and make sure they made it inside okay.

Thanks for offering this giveaway. I LOVE the Tuohy's!

Jeane` said...

I cannot even think of any kind thing right now, as I just got off Ashley's website, and tears are just streaming down my face...oh, how my heart breaks for her mama!!!! Oh, thank you for sharing that site, for providing me an opportunity to let them know they can count on our prayers and to now know of a family who so desperately needs them. It could just as easily be me in that situation.


Kylene said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. All you cute Grandma's inspire me! Such a fun blog you have.
I want in on your fun giveaway. I LOVED, "The Blind Side." My random act of kindness won't be discovered until tomorrow morning around 5 a.m. My husband is studying like a mad man for the GMAT that he is scheduled to take next week. He gets up early to study before he goes and puts in a full days work. He also serves as a councilor to the Bishop in our church so many of his evenings are spent in church service. He has a lot on his plate but still manages to be the best little daddy on earth and take time to "date" me. My simple little act was writing him an encouraging love note and sticking it in his school book for him to find tomorrow. Life can be crazy, busy but it's the little things that matter most.

Diana said...

I dropped off a quilt to be finished by a precious elderly lady. She cares for her invalid husband by herself on a daily basis. I could tell when I arrived she just needed some "talk" time. So I stayed much longer than I had planned and gave her a big hug when I did leave.

As I left, I saw her precious smile! Made my day, too!

Bargain Express said...

This isn't for the giveaway - just wanted to say I'm glad I'm following or I would have missed it. Also, got to help lead my future son-in-law to Christ this past weekend! I'm so excited and wanted to share :)

Brenda said...

I helped an elderly lady at the grocery store carry out her bags. I also try to do something extra nice for my children every day so they get the idea of doing good things for people-a way of showing Christ's love for others.

blessedmomof3 said...

I have just discovered your blog and I love it! I am a ceritfied nut about Christmas decorating and the most important things in my life are my three precious children. My good deed for the day was that I helped the daughter of a friend who is struggling with online courses that she is taking. I returned to college after my children were older, so I know what it is to try and go to school and parent at the same time. This young woman is doing this and has also faced a battle with cancer. I love that I am able to pay forward to her some of the help and consideration that was given to me when I was finishing school. - Leigh Ann Perritt

Esther - TTBM said...


I share many of the things on your list!

Are your giveaways open to Canada too :) If so, i would love to participate!

I have a 2 yr old too! I love him to bits...i love it when he says "Touch it, NO!! " instead of "don't touch it"..lol.

Would you give Parker a handshake from my son :)

Have a great weekend!