Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This blog has been so neglected this year for many reasons, but mainly because LIFE JUST HAPPENS....I am sorry I did not fill it with more tree pictures. 

2012 was one the hardest years we ever experienced in our marriage, in our family, in our individual lives.  But we ended the year on happier and steady note. 

Is everything perfect? NO

But we have a CLEAN SLATE to get it right, do it better and love others MORE. 

Today as we start the new year  I want to give you the names of a few people on my heart....

They have HUGE needs.....If God leads you to, (and I think he will) why not pick one and commit to pray for them and maybe even send them cards throughout 2013.  I have addresses if you need one. 

All of these I list have long term needs.   It's so simple to write a short note and say I prayed for you today.  If you need help with cards, I will supply them for you too...(just let me know)

I am not going into long stories about their situations.   You can go to their sites and want be able to stop... If you decide to do that just let me know who you choose.  I want all these people to feel so loved...

If you have been following this story....
Praying for the Nevills...This was Steve's post yesterday
It broke my heart! You will want to read the entire story....

From Steve:
Sitting in Lauren's hospital room watching her sleep soundly. This angle reminds me how much she looks like her mom, my precious Katy. Oh how I miss Katy tonight. I wish I could hug & kiss her like I've never hugged & kissed her before. If you haven't given your spouse the proper affection lately that they deserve, do it. Right now! God forbid if something like happened to us happen...ed to your spouse, would you have any regrets? Thankfully, Katy and I's last three weeks together prior to the accident were AWESOME. We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL on 10/24/12. The couple weeks past that, my travel schedule wasn't as hectic as normal. We enjoyed several dinners, great conversations and family weekend excursions. The weekend before we were hit, they all watched me jump out of a perfectly good airplane and skydive. I still remember the smiles we all had on our faces when I was walking toward them and Lauren was filming me. About 5 minutes before we were hit, she made a comment that I'll never forget. She said while we were holding hands, "the bad thing about the big suburban is the console is too wide and we are too far away from each other (with a beautiful smile as I looked over). 30 seconds before we were hit, Katy was rubbing the inside of my right arm. Kiss and Hug your loved ones like there is no tomorrow. Right now!
They need many miracles.....


Crew and Marie
Crew is fighting so many battles .  He will be 1 soon and never pain free.  Please pray for many miracles in their family in 2013.  Prayers for Baby Crew.

My sweet friend Trish continues to share the heartbreaking story of Ashley.  There are no easy answers and many hard and complicated problems....Trish is an amazing Mom and I am in AWE of her.  I never read a post I am not blessed.

Many of you may have been fans of
James and Betty Robison for years, watching Life Today or Wednesdays with Beth.    I have literally heard James preach all my life.  They lost their youngest daughter Robin last Friday to cancer.  James writes a beautiful tribute to his girl.

This one is personal...I have friend in Houston. Her name is Bobbie and she has literally been bedridden and in severe pain for more years than I can count.  Every test known to man has been run.  Many surgeries have tried to alleviate the pain.  They have tried to find answers everywhere.  She loves mail.  She never leaves the house.  So if you would be interested in sending her cards I can promise you that you would brighten her day.  She has granddaughters that live just down the street that she cannot play with. 

And lastly a young man that I have always considered family is walking a new and very lonely road.  Single Dad of a beautiful little girl that is not even two yet.  Several months ago his wife took her own life and life will never been the same for Chad and his little one.  When you think of him just say a prayer. 

Life can change in a moment. 

I know each of you have a list...and if you want to leave a name in the comments, feel free to.  These are just people that have been on my heart today.  


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Theresa said...

Oh sweet friend! So many hurting in this world! I will add these names to my prayer list! I believe in the power of prayer and can't imagine how my life would be without praying! It is like fuel for my soul! Have a blessed day dear Teresa! I hope that this new year will be a wonderfully happy and healthy one for ALL of us! HUGS!