Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is hard for me to even think about trees in this weather, but the fact is I HAVE TO…and soon….

This will just be a “little random” before the season starts.

If you missed it, read this post.  I have received so much feedback from it through comments and email.
Check out MilandDil Designs and see who the winner is on her giveaway.  Terri is my head elf and her Etsy store is full of great things.

Jack and I saw THE HELP this afternoon.  I think it was the best movie I have seen this year.  I LOVED IT.
Amanda took the boys to see The Smurfs and here are a couple of cute shots…
We were just a door down at the theater.

Jack thought you had to keep the 3D glasses on the entire time.

jack 3D

Two Special Boys

Parker and Jack

And this last one makes me LAUGH…Do you think Jack has fashion design in his future?

His favorite words are TA DA….when he enters a room…
He was totally dressed for the day and suddenly appeared in a new outfit….
What you can’t see is he had flip flops on the wrong feet with white socks..so picture that…and yes that is a pull up….
Don’t you love the way he tucked his shirt in.

Designer Jack

School starts for Parker on Thursday.  That always makes me sad.  I love the summer with no schedule and little's everywhere.
We are all (as in all the kids and little's) making one short trip Labor Day weekend with all the family going to Dallas for the LSU game…and maybe LEGOLAND and a few other fun places…

The summer just went too fast.

Check out my Pinterest Boards.  I am so proud of them. 
I have 100 plus boards and have worked so hard on them 
I feel like I am so organized and have my on catalog. BUT IT IS Addicting….

Many of you enjoyed reading the guest post a few months ago from  my dear friend, Mike,  the handsome Marine.
He has promised me he would write again this month.  His words are always profound and thought provoking.

See how random this got….Sorry. 
My mind is pretty random these days.

One last thing…Ashley, a precious little girl  I have written about many times is in MUCH need of prayer.

Her Mom, Trish, really needs encouragement. 
They face some of the hardest decisions I can imagine making.  She is in the hospital here in Shreveport. 
I hope to stop by and take her some goodies tomorrow.

I will be back soon with our first holiday giveaway and some pictures I snapped at market of some new looks.

I am sure you are totally worn out from reading this…


Lynn said...

Enjoyed the random! I can imagine it is hard to think of Christmas trees at this time of year. Up here in Alberta we are hoping we have a long warm fall as our summer was cool and rainy more than normal. I agree about the unscheduled summer - I love it!

Justabeachkat said...

Cute photo of the boys!

The summer seems to have flown by.


gayle said...

Love the pictures! So cute! I too love the summer because now that school has started I'm back to work!